Bob's Cookbook

Recipes contributed by the extended Roundy family - THANKS! You can view the recipes here or order a copy of the book.

2007 recipes are here (without photos but more mobile phone friendly - look at your book for the photos)

Recipes - send yours in and let me know if there's anything else you want someone to send Status

Ice cream

Tofu and rice  

Trader Joe's burritos


Shepherd’s pie

Chili Crab  
Hamburger Soup  
Duck Farts  
Artichoke hearts w/ cream cheese and parm  
Raj's guacamole  
German chocolate cake  
Lynn's jam (strawberry? raspberry?)  
bacon vodka recipe here
Banana Bread with Splenda recipe here
Cinnamon Ice Cream recipe here
Cream Cheese Ice Cream recipe here
pot roast  


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